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Event Management

If you want to organise an event, we can help make it happen

Having worked as Event Safety Consultants on some of Ireland’s biggest public events for over a decade, Eamon O’Boyle and Associates (EOBA) is considered one of Ireland and the United Kingdom’s premier Event Safety Management Companies.

EOBA offer a range of services from full project management to more detailed event consultancy and advisory services. If you are running an event and would like to speak to us about how we can help you ensure that your event is complying with best safety practice and statutory requirements, please get in touch.

Preparation of Event Management Plans

EOBA’s team has extensive experience in preparing comprehensive event management plans for a wide variety of events. The event management plan incorporates all details relating to the event clarifying that all activities are in compliance with best practice and that every eventuality is considered and planned for. This plan is then used as a reference for all event staff.  Contents of the plan include Event Details, Organisational structure, Crowd Management, Control and Communications, Fire Safety, Medical Facilities, Emergency Plan, Safety Policy, Traffic Management, Environmental Impact.

Liaison with Statutory Agencies

For large scale events it is mandatory to liaise with Statutory Agencies before and during each large scale event. Since its initiation in 2001, Eamon O’Boyle and Associates have built strong working relationships with statutory agencies throughout Ireland.

Venue Design and Layout

EOBA’s Event Safety Consultants can evaluate event sites to determine its suitability for a proposed event. This evaluation will, for example, highlight maximum capacities, traffic plan, environmental concerns and emergency plans.

An output of the evaluation will include a detailed layout map illustrating venue specific details and may include entrances, exits, fire hydrants, control room, first aid room etc.

Capacity Analysis

In order to determine the safe holding capacity of a venue, it is necessary to undertake a capacity analysis. Capacity is determined by a number of factors such as area, number of exits available, width of these exits and emergency egress capacity. Our engineers can carry out a full capacity analysis specific to each event and venue.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are conducted as part of the safety strategy to establish potential risks and where possible, implement measures to control those risks. Event risk assessments form a central part of all Event Management Plans and are critical to conducting a safe event. Our engineers carry out a full evaluation of the event in order to ensure that risk is within acceptable limits. Examples of risk examined include demographics of crowds, structures, public transport, services etc.

Licensing and Applications

Eamon O’Boyle and Associates have a wealth of experience in the area of applications such as licensing for events, applications for the importation of pyrotechnics, road closure applications etc

On Site Event Control Services

Eamon O’Boyle and Associates can provide a range of personnel for your event such as an Event Controller and/or Event Safety Officers as well as supplying industry experienced medical and security services.

EOBA has provided Event Control services to a wide range of events such as:

  • Visit of Pope Francis
  • Visit of HRH Queen Elizabeth II
  • Leinster Rugby Fixtures
  • Tall Ships

Post-Event Evaluations and Reports

Eamon O’Boyle and Associates provide post-event evaluations and reports to organizers which is invaluable in providing information for planning future events.



EOBA have been central in developing Safety Policies for many of the major stadia in Ireland such as Thomand Park, Aviva Stadium, RDS, Donnybrook Stadium and Tallaght Stadium. Our team can also provide a full evaluation service of a stadium’s health and safety policies.

PSDP and Health & Safety Coordinator

EOBA can take on the role of Project Supervisor, Design Process at the early stages of event planning.  EOBA will assess the venue for potential hazards, and co-ordinate the design of temporary structures to produce a Preliminary Safety & Health Plan.

During the build of temporary structures, EOBA will produce a Construction Stage Safety & Health Plan, also oversee works in the role of Health & Safety Co-ordinator assisting the Project Supervisor, Construction Stage. EOBA will oversee the health and safety of contractors, plant staff and all visitors to site.

Some considerations when planning an event

All events should be run in a safe manner and comply with relevant legislation. The following will give you an idea of the criteria needed to satisfy planning authorities, but be sure to check with us to make sure your event is fully compliant.

What size is your event?

An event management plan is needed for less than 5,000 people. An event licence is needed from the Economic Development & Planning Department for more than 5,000 people under the Planning and Development Act, 2000 (Part XVI). Statutory 13 weeks notice. Plans and licences must be agreed with all agencies and stakeholders.

How soon should I contact someone?

As early as possible. It takes time to produce an event management plan and a minimum of 13 weeks to process a licence application. It is worth contacting the Planning department, even if you do not have a full plan, to make them aware of the event and get advice.

What about local laws and legislation?

Local laws and bye-laws may affect your event including alcohol consumption, advertising, health & safety, planning permits and licences. Advertising: A permit is needed to advertise an event with banners, and it’s illegal to hand out flyers on the street or use fly-posters. Structures: A licence is needed for structures on public property. Waste: A waste management plan is required for all events outlining the receptacles and recycling facilities that will be provided, along with clean up plans. Casual Traders/Street Vendors: The trader and trading area must be licensed through the local authority.  Traders in food must register with the HSE and should comply with the requirements of the local HSE Environmental Health Officer.

Traffic management

If the anticipated crowd numbers may cause a disruption to traffic a traffic management plan must be agreed with the Roads Section. Once agreed, it takes 7 weeks notice to advertise a road closure including statutory notices in the media.

Other considerations

Public liability insurance to the value of €6.5 million must be presented before the event. Noise levels must be agreed with the Environment Department before an event where appropriate.


  • Anticipated crowd numbers
  • Application for event mgt plan/licence
  • Local laws & legislation
  • Advertising
  • Structures
  • Waste management plan
  • Permission to use area/map
  • Temporary stall/vendors
  • Insurance
  • Safety: event safety plan
  • Traffic management plan/road closure
  • Noise levels
  • Funding
  • Contacts
  • Residents
  • Garda, fire and emergency services
  • Medical plan

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