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Covid19 Return-to-Work Strategies

We offer a comprehensive Return-To-Work manual, tailor-made to each business to allow their staff to return in relative safety to their place of work

Risk Assessment

EOBA will perform a full risk assessment on the premises to review current practices and protocols, to identify any gaps in compliance with HSE guidelines and best practices.  We will then develop a comprehensive action plan to allow a smooth transition for staff into new protocols and processes which may be adapted by the organisation.

Return-To-Work Manual

This document will be tailored to the needs of each organisation.  The detailed manual will outline roles and responsibilities of both employers and staff and set up new procedures and protocols to allow implementation of the social distancing, sanitisation and hygiene requirements set out by the HSE.


Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Checklists will be prepared to suit the needs of the business, to monitor

  • Cleaning regimes
  • Physical Distancing
  • Supply Chain
  • Suspected Cases
  • Contact Tracing
  • Staff Training

Physical Distancing Planning

EOBA will provide assess work spaces to ensure employees can maintain the distancing guidelines as recommended by the HSE, while sitting at their assigned workstation.  EOBA will create Colour Coded floor plans showing suggested room layouts that will achieve the highest capacity, while remaining within the guidelines.

Dynamic Simulation Modelling

EOBA will use dynamic simulation modelling to help identify the key risk areas, e.g. where density will be at its highest and where circulation routes cross.  These simulations act as a guideline to creating a new management strategy, which may include new entrance, egress and circulation routes, or reducing occupancy.

The parameters of the models can be adapted readily to any new distancing guidelines issued by the Government, the HSE, or the WHO, as required.